last modified: 18-10-2018 15:03:13
Discontinued apps
"It was nice while it lasted!"

This page contains a list of legacy applications that, for one reason or another, have been removed from the App Store.

Since we love all our creatures, we created this little place to keep a good memory of them.

LockScreen and ScreenLab

ScreenLab icon

LockScreen and ScreenLab were basically two incarnations of an application that personalized the lock screen (the screen you see when your phone is locked) of your device.

You could add information such as phone numbers or e-mails so, in case you iPhone or iPad would have been lost, a good samaritan could contact you. By using a security code, in fact, noone can access the device.

The two apps went further than that: it was possible to add calendars, to-do lists, customizable text fields (color, font, transparency), pictures and other useful items.

Several preset templates were available and you could easily customize them, to make the creation of your own wallpaper even easier.

Curiosity: Our intentions were to have a single universal application, not two. When we introduced the compatibility with the iPad, however, Apple decided that no application with the words "Lock Screen" in the name could be published, and they blocked it. So, not to get stuck until further notice, we created ScreenLab. After a while Apple changed its mind again, but it was too late to remove one application.

Why they have been removed: We deeply love these two apps, they have long been the flagships of Lemonskin. Unfortunately the release of iOS 10 introduced numerous bugs and problems and it was not possible to leave them in the App Store in those conditions. Since we always tried to maintain backward compatibility with previous versions of the operating system (it all sterted with iOS 3!), the only good solution is rewriting their code from scratch.

Today LockScreen and ScreenLab are reborn in a new app, SimpleScreen, which improves them and add several new features.

Diablo III DPS Manager

Diablo III DPS Manager icon

A complicated name for an application that simplified a lot the life of Diablo III players.

Early versions of the game did not allow to compare weapons and armor. This means that, to know if some object was better or worse than another, You had to wear it. Generally it was not a problem, unless you was going to buy it in the in-game auction house. By then it was always a risk, because it was easy to spend all your hard-earned money only to find that the two-handed sword you just bought was a total piece of crap.

Well, Diablo DPS (short friendly name) made it possible to overcome this lack, providing very precise data about the attack power, defense, resistances and a lot of other important information. It was also very useful to see if a different character setup would have bring advantages, because the app was able to calculate all the bonuses privided by skills and abilities. It also provided auction house notifications for the items you was interested in.

It was also able to import all account information directly from Battle.Net, so you didn't have to enter all data manually. We had Simplified and Traditional Chinese localizations too, as well as Italian and English ones.

Why it has been removed: We received a legal request from Blizzard to remove it from the App Store. Apparently for them was more important that nobody else earned money from their game rather than improving the user experience. Fortunately, the game has been a lot improved in the last years (auction house was removed, as well) and the need of an app like Diablo DPS is no more.

I Provini

I Provini icon

"I Provini" (with the "i" strictly in upper case and strictly separate) was a very useful, italian language only, application which allowed filmmakers, actors or former wannabe to be up to date on job opportunities in the show business.

Thanks its notification service, information about open casting, television, film, theater, dance and many other artistic activities were delivered on the device in real time.

Every news was carefully verified by a very competent editorial staff.

Why it has been removed: Despite the very good reviews in the App Store, it was a very niche service. Our partners, who managed the news service, decided it was not worth continuing over.