last modified: 31-01-2019 17:14:38
Vocalize it!
Exercise your voice anywhere.

Vocalize it! is an app created in collaboration with Simone Moscato's lostudiodelcanto to help who wants to exercise their voice without the need to have (or know how to play) an instrument.

Who needs it?

A so dynamic and easy to use tool is designed for both singing students and teachers, who can set up the exercises for their students to study at home; but also for those who, amateurs and professionals, need to warm up the voice before a performance or study in any place and at any time, thanks to the possibilities offered by a versatile device such as your smartphone.

How does it work?

Its simple and intuitive interface lets you create vocal sequences from scratch or modify the standard ones provided. Vocalize it! is powered by an intuitive visual editor to help you inserting notes and rests, and an handy preview to listen to your composition at any time. The exercises thus created (or modified) may be further customized by setting the initial tone, speed, and configuring the buttons to raise or lower the pitch of the sequence during execution.

One app, many useful tools

With Vocalize it! the use of a musical instrument as accompaniment is no more necessary, making it possible even for those who only have a good ear but little technical knowledge to achieve the desired results.

Each sequence can have annotations, teaching notes or whatever else is deemed necessary in order to optimize the study. You can also assign them a name for easier identification and set your preferred sequences as “favorite”, to make them appear highlighted in the main list.

Happy singing everyone! :)

Main features:
Change of tempo and key. Autoplay for single exercises and playlist.
Musical keyboard for an easyt editing Vocal notes recording.
Exercises import and sharing.

Just stumbled on this. There are quite a few of these out there out but nothing that fit my needs exactly. This is simple, but perfect. Customizable scales, playlist option, etc. Nice work. — AutomaticEight

A VERY useful tool for creating and distributing personalized vocal exercises. The developer is quite responsive to feedback and deals with issues promptly. — Rbloch66

Great warm-up app, now the best one I have! I use lots of warm-up app but, after the recent update, this one is by far the best. I can customize or create any warmup, and set a playlist to auto play. So I can literally take any idea of a warmup from another app and customize it here. Slow it down, speed it up, change the range. I'm very impressed! After my previous review, the development team contacted me and asked about specifics. They have implemented all the features that I had said I would have wanted to make this app amazing! — MrLincoln

Brilliant, simple and quick application. I'm practicing now literally everywhere. Quality sound is impeccable. Now, in retrospect, I would pay 4x the price. — Buddylew

I went through several vocal exercise/warmup apps and this is by far the best one! Thank you! — Mcophoe

Autoplay and voice memo before exercise features made this the most usable warmup and voice development app ever. Thank you! — Sobakevich