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Your personal assistant for everyday shopping.

Tally is an application designed to facilitate your shopping. Create a list of products (either manually or by capturing the barcode) and check for errors on the supermarket receipt.

It's a fact: when you have to go to the supermarket you need to fill a shopping list. How many times have you tried to keep everything in mind just to realize, upon returning home, you had forgotten a key ingredient for dinner or the cake of next day?

Post-its, however, are pretty boring and, without a pen in hand (for example, when you're already going around the shelves), they can't be upgraded in a convenient and practical way. Our smartphone is always with us, then why not use it to make our life easier?

Here at Lemonskin we like to go further. Why limit the app to a simple shopping list when it's possible to add tools that can automate the whole shopping process and may help you to verify the correctness of the receipt?

Yeah, barcodes!

There's no need to write all the time "bread, flour, milk, eggs, ..." when we have a camera in our pocket! With Tally creating a list is as simple as frame the finished product barcode (at home) or a new one (in the supermarket).

You will need to enter the product name only the first time, from then on the application will learn to associate the correct code to the specific product. No problem if you buy a different brand of yogurt. Tally is capable to associate multiple codes to the same article.

A smart list, for real!

One of the most useful features of Tally is the ability to quickly check for errors on the receipt. It's happened to us all to pay a higher-than-expected total and, once at home, realize that a product, advertised as discounted, was instead charged full price. There are mistakes that occur more often than you think, and maybe some supermarket plays a bit around it.

Tally has a specific section dedicated to the receipt verification. So you can, in seconds, find the inconsistency and show it to the cashier in order to be immediately reimbursed (or enjoy in case the error occurred is to your advantage).

Another convenient feature is the calculation of the change, both cash and vouchers (such as food tickets).

Many tools to simplify the job

We purposely designed the interface of Tally to be simple and intuitive, but we have included powerful features that simplify your decisions during shopping.

If you are not sure you want to buy a particular product but you don't want to take the risk to forget about it, you can have it in the list but disabled. That way it will always be at your fingertips and you can check how much it affects the final cost.

Products database is always accessible via a special section and can be easily modified, extended or simplified. This will give you full control over your saved items.

Tally, your definitive shopping assistant! :)

Here's a quick tutorial to start using Tally.

Main features:
product barcodes scan. Receipt verification.
Change (cash & vouchers) calculation. Tax managment.
Customizable product archive. Custom themes.
App Store reviews

I used it for the first time yesterday, adding the prices in, as I placed them in the shopping trolley. When I got to the counter, there was a discrepancy between what I calculated using the app and what the store was charging. I pointed this out and the store admitted an error on their behalf. The app paid for itself there and then. The shop assistant was very interested in the app and will probably download it as well. — Robert Patterson

It is the only app I've found that is actually very useful when shopping. Other shopping apps come at the grocery list from a different angle. They aim to be a catch all but fail to offer the actual crucial element of shopping, and that is what happens at the checkout. Tally allows you to see precisely what you will be presented with when you get to the checkout. Down to the cent. There are no unexpected surprises when you get to paying for your shopping. Unless of course there is... If the checkout is in error you will see immediately wether you are being over or under charged. It is not surprising how often this actually happens, this happens to me almost weekly. And even better in this country (Australia) if an item is not scanned correctly... it is free!! Only Tally will tell you instantly and allow you to not only get all your discounts and specials but get the incorrectly priced item for free on the spot. Every time. No other shopping list will do this. It's a must have. — SvensterK

I generally don't write app reviews, but felt that I wanted to make an exception and write one for the LemonSkin Tally app, as I feel that it deserves a positive review. I've searched through many shopping list apps, looking for a quick, simple and easy-to-use app, but each one I came across all seemed to be very complicated, with too much details that needed to be filled in... until I came across Tally. It's so easy to make a quick list with enough information that you need, to do your shopping. The product archive is great, based on your purchased product history (including previous pricing) and the barcode scanner is a great (and fun) way to build your shopping list and your own product database. So glad I found it. Thanks LemonSkin for designing a wonderfully great app! — Tally Fan

I love that I can use it at home to make my grocery list. At the store I can scan the barcode of an item I've purchased before and Tally adds it to the list. And it keeps a running total so I can compare with the register total. All in all, a great app. — Sonjafen

I use this app every time I get groceries. I live in an area that has sales tax on certain items so I emailed the developers and asked if they could add the option to include sales tax on items. They emailed me back right away. Not only did they add the feature, they emailed me a few times during the process of developing with a few sneak peak screen shots to ask for my input. It was truly an amazing customer service effort on their part. I tell everyone about this app. Thanks to Lock and the guys at Lemonskin for making this app better by listening to their customers. — Bick54