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All the numbers of your life, under control.

With Overflow you can create lists. Not normal lists — well, yes, also normal lists — but, in particular, complex data structures. An example may be finances: your bank account, the amount of your investment or the value of the properties you own. You can see the total value or access various subcategories to analyze the entries in detail, keeping them divided by topic.

Or prepare Christmas gift lists, with related prices, or the checklist of movies to watch, or books to read. And totals can be summed up or calculated separately.

You can also plan a trip setting a budget, and checking at any time whether you're respecting it or not.

Here's a quick video tutorial that will show you the main features.

Everything on hand, even the past

Everything changes, even your lists. Or bank account. Or the list of Bluray you've loaned to John. But it's also very useful to compare values with those — for example — of one, two, five years ago. Did I earn more money? Did I spend more than I should have?

With Overflow, at any time, you can create a "snapshot" of the current situation, so you always have a backup copy in case the cat would have fun with your device.

far from prying eyes

Overflow is a modular app. This means that it can be easily expanded in the future.

One of the first expansions (freely included with the app) lets you protect the most personal data, or all if you prefer. So, those curious friends who take your phone "just to make a quick call" will no longer have your business done. Or, much more important, they will remain safe from less recommendable individuals than curious friends!

Your data is safe, and you have full control over everything.

More screenshots

Main features:
Universal app, works on iPhone and iPad. System-level code protection.
Indipendent sums. Budgets and checklists.
Backup and chronological data comparations. Typical Lemonskin's simplicity of use.