last modified: 29-08-2018 16:17:39
Add useful information to your lock screen.

Your iOS device was created to show beautiful Wallpapers (click on images to see the iPad equivalent):

Unfortunately you cannot add notes, quotes, memos or, in general, all those information that might be useful during the day.

But... What if you could?

SimpleScreen is an app for iPhone and iPad that lets you customize your device's Lock Screen quickly and easily.

What if I lose the device? What if I don't feel well? What if ...?

Beyond the undoubted usefulness of some information, there are others that can play a role of fundamental importance, even save your life!

For example, showing a number to call in case your phone gets lost, would greatly help anyone who finds it to get in touch with you.

Or you could include the details of someone to contact in case of an emergency, or the substances you are allergic to, your blood group or anything else really important for your health.

Of course you can create as many projects you want, so you will always have one ready for any need.

Easy as drinking a glass of water

The editor is very intuitive: choose a background, select a model (a graphic template that contains your text) and save the project. Then set is as a new wallpaper.

Here's a quick video tutorial, so you get an idea. :)

All the help you could need

The manipulation of objects is really simple and there is a specific help page in each section of the app, so that you will never feel lost.

And, anyway, you can always contact us for further help or suggestions.

Main features:
Universal app, it works on iPhone and iPad. Predefined models you can customize.
Multiline text fields. Resizable and rotatable objects.
Useful help screens. Very easy to use.

SimpleScreen ScreenLab is a great app for creating custom wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad. Not only can you add meaningful photos, but you can also turn your Lock screen into a quick to-do list and display contact information to someone who may find your lost iPhone or iPad. — iMore

If you look at your lock screen and see wasted screen real estate, then you should check out ScreenLab from Lemonskin. — TUAW

This great little app just saved my husband's iPhone. He left it at Burger King, and a kind man took it for safe keeping and called immediately when he saw the lock screen message. Once you get accustomed to using it, it is easy. Now that I have my lock screen message set up, all I do is click the icon to change the picture and I'm good to go with a new screen. I have recommended it to all my friends.

Great user-friendly app that makes an eye-pleasing and functional wallpaper for lock screen. I had left my iPad in a lab at school and was able to get it back thanks to it. If you lock your device, this is a must-have app to ensure whoever happens to finds it, with means of contacting and returning it, could contact you.

The only locked screen app you need. Well worth the money. Pratical and useful. My friends think my phone is jailbroken. Well done Lemonskin!